Red Clover

Red Clover  (Trifolium pretense) Common names: Cow clover, Wild clover, Purple clover Beebread, Cow grass, Meadow clover, Purple clover.  Red Clover is a type of clover, commonly grown as a fodder crop that increases soil fertility due to its nitrogen fixation.  This plant contains isoflavones which have estrogen-like activity in the body making it a good herbal remedy for female issues such as menopausal symptoms, irregular menstruation, and promotes female fertility by balancing the acid-alkaline level of the vagina to promote conception.  This herb has also been used to treat many other conditions such as the skin disorders eczema and psoriasis when used topically, as well as being used to treat cancer, whooping cough and other respiratory problems.  Red Clover is thought to purify the blood, improve circulation, and cleanse the liver.   Red clover is a source of many nutrients including calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C.

This herb has also been used in the treatment of cancer and research is showing that there may be evidence that this herb may stop cancer cells from growing and may kill some cancer cells in test tube study.  However, due to its estrogen-like activity, women with a history of breast cancer should not take Red Clover until further research can be done.

Contraindications: No serious side effects have been reported with the use of Red Clover.  Red Clover may increase the effects of estrogen.  Red Clover may interfere with the action of Tamoxifen.  Red Clover may also enhance the effects of blood thinners.  Use caution when using Red Clover if you are on anticoagulant therapy.

Parts used: Flowers and Tops
Scientific classification

Kingdom:        Plantae

(unranked):      Angiosperms

(unranked):      Eudicots

(unranked):      Rosids

Order: Fabales

Family:            Fabaceae

Subfamily:       Faboideae

Genus:             Trifolium

Species:           T. pratense

Binomial name

Trifolium pratense


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