BURDOCK: (Common Names: Clotbur, Grass Burdock, Bardana, Burr Seed, Hardock, Hareburr, Hurr Burr, Turkey Bur Seed) Burdock is a type of thistle plant whose “burrs” were the inspiration for Velcro.  In herbal medicine this plant is used for several different ailments.  It is considered a highly effective blood cleanser.  This herb can be applied topically as well as taken internally.  Its oil can be applied topically to the scalp to combat dandruff and to also increase hair strength and enhance shine.  Considered an effective liver cleanser it can also be mixed with Yellow Dock extract and applied topically to the painful blisters of the “shingles” virus that follow the nerve tracts.  Can be applied topically to dry skin, boils, sties on eyelids and acne for relief.  Can also be taken internally as a diuretic to relieve bloating.

PROPERTIES AND USES: Shingles remedy, blood and liver cleanser, diuretic

PARTS USED: Root, Seeds, Whole Plant.


Scientific classification

Kingdom:        Plantae

(unranked):      Angiosperms

(unranked):      Eudicots

(unranked):      Asterids

Order:              Asterales

Family:            Asteraceae

Tribe:               Cynareae[1]

Genus:             Arctium

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