BONESET:Herbal Supplement for Interferon Production

BONESET: Some common names of the herbal supplement Boneset are Ague Weed, Joe Pye, Fever Wort, Thorough Stem, Thorough Wax, Cross Wort, Sweating Plant, and Indian Sage.  This herbal supplement is used for treating flu, lowering fever, boosts immunity and aids in Interferon production.

Interferons are part of the non-specific immune system and come on the scene early in the viral infection before the sympathetic system has had a chance to respond.  Interferons are an excellent aid to fighting viruses.

Boneset has been used to treat any fever that also causes bone pain.  Dengue Fever (Dengue Fever is a virus based disease spread by mosquitoes that causes fever as high as 104-105 degrees Fahrenheit followed by a measles like rash along with bone pain.) is also known as Breakbone Fever, so it is fitting that boneset can be used to treat this fever.  Boneset was also used by Native Americans to treat broken bones in a poultice.

The herb when made into a tea and drank while hot acts as an excellent substance to produce sweating.  Sweating is thought to eliminate toxins from the body and makes Boneset a good treatment for flu.

Caution must be used when using this herbal supplement as it contains toxic products that can cause liver damage.  Side effects of this herb include muscular tremors, weakness, and constipation.  Overdoses may be deadly.

Use of this herb should be avoided by anyone who is pregnant and/or nursing.

COMMON NAMES: Ague Weed, Indian Sage, Eupatorium Pedoliatum, Thoroughwort, Teasel, Joe Pye, Fever Wort, Thorough Stem, Thorough Wax, Cross Wort, Wood Boneset, Vegetable Antimony, Sweating Plant, Teara.

PARTS USED: Whole herb

Scientific classification

Kingdom:        Plantae

(unranked):      Angiosperms

(unranked):      Eudicots

(unranked):      Asterids

Order:              Asterales

Family:            Asteraceae

Subfamily:       Asteroideae

Tribe:               Eupatorieae

Genus:             Eupatorium

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