Blue Cohosh- Herbal Supplement for Menstrual Problems

BLUE COHOSH: Was used by Native American Indians and later European herbalists along with mid-wives have used this herb combined with others for its abortive and contraceptive purposes.  This herbal supplement is known to nourish, regulate and repair the reproductive system.  Used to aid with cramping, frequency of cycle, infection, cleansing and to aid in beginning a cycle when the menstrual cycle has been suppressed.  During the last two weeks of pregnancy it can be used for induction of labor and easing the pain of delivery.

Also consider Blue Cohosh in the cases of “venereal taint” which may have been passed from one generation to another.  When a virus or a germ of a venereal nature contaminates the cells and is not completely eradicated, it may become a part of the genetic material and can disguise itself as many kinds of unrelated and baffling disorders causing vague and seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Contraindications: This herbal supplement should not be used during early pregnancy because of its abortive properties.  If overused may stress the kidneys so this herb should not be used by anyone with kidney disorders.  Blue Cohosh also should not be used by anyone who has blood pressure disorders both high blood pressure and low blood pressure.  If you have low blood pressure this herbal supplement can lower it further making it dangerous for use.  It should also be avoided by anyone who is sensitive to estrogenic substances such as estrogen-dependent tumors.  Blue Cohosh should also be avoided by anyone who has been advised by a physician not to take the birth control pill.  Other side effects are pain in the arms and legs, vomiting and headache.

Main uses of this herb include, hormone regulator, ease child delivery, genetic taint, and regulate menstrual cycle, high in selenium. Selenium deficiency while rare can be debilitating with heart disease, hypothyroidism, and a weakened immune system being some of the end results. There is also evidence that selenium deficiency does not usually cause illness by itself. Rather, it can make the body more susceptible to illnesses by weakening the immune system.

This herbal supplement is also useful for treating Epilepsy and seizures and to restore proper brain function and is also used in treatment of bronchial irritation and painful joints.

COMMON NAMES: Squaw Root, Papoose Root, Blue Ginseng, Yellow Ginseng.


Scientific classification

Kingdom:        Plantae

Division:          Magnoliophyta

Class:               Magnoliopsida

Order:              Ranunculales

Family:            Berberidaceae

Tribe:               Leonticeae

Genus:             Caulophyllum

Species:           C. thalictroides

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