BEE PRO POLIS : Honeybees are highly disciplined teams dedicated to helping each other survive. They make valuable products like honey, wax and something called propolis. Propolis is a Greek term meaning before the city or pro – polis. Honeybees have tunnels and walkways they go through to get inside their dwellings. These tunnels and walkways are made of a resin, something like hardened tree sap, and that material is called propolis.  Bees sweat wax, not sweat like we do. This wax is mixed with their saliva and the sap. At this point it becomes propolis. Entrance and exit tunnels and walkways are built out of propolis.  This propolis has antibiotic properties and is used by bees to trap germs, viruses, fungus, dirt and etc. so that they don’t track diseases into their dwelling. People have theorized that if we could eat bee propolis then we could kill the germs and things, which try to kill us. Some people sip drops of liquefied bee propolis throughout the day when they have a sore throat or fever or other infectious illness. Bee propolis is also taken in capsule form to help prevent infection.  Bee Pro Polis is also known to fight free radicals which makes it useful as a defender against the aging process and cancer.  Can also be used topically to help repair injury and heal wounds.   Recently Bee Pro Polis has been researched for use in the dental field as it may protect against dental caries and oral disease due to its antimicrobial properties.

COMMON NAMES: Bee Propolis

PARTS USED: Bees manufacture from selected bark, leaves and flowers.

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