BEE POLLEN (Apis mellifica) the plant sperm from male portion of flowers, collected by female bees, Bee Pollen is often called the “Perfect Food”.  Bee Pollen has been used in Ancient Egyptian herbal medicine for thousands of years, with use by the Greek Hippocrates himself over 2,500 years ago. It contains over 96 different nutrients and contains every nutrient that we know of required to sustain human life.  It is one of the most nutritionally complete natural substances known of to date.  Containing 22 amino acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-complex, folic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids, enzymes, carotene.  It also contains trace elements that the body cannot produce but are vital components of good health including iron, zinc, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.  It also is made of 40% protein which is almost all usable by the human body without further metabolism making it an excellent supplement for the athlete and average person alike. It can be used topically on wounds as well as internally as it is an excellent antibiotic.  Used as a substance to promote stamina, a remedy for allergies, stabilization of low blood sugar, improving sexual health and as an aid to slow the aging process.


PARTS USED: Pollen from flower collected by bees.

Scientific classification

Kingdom:         Animalia

Phylum:            Arthropoda

Class:                Insecta

Order:               Hymenoptera

Suborder:         Apocrita

Superfamily:    Apoidea

Family:           Apidae

Subfamily:       Apinae

Tribe:               Apini

Genus:            Apis

Species:           A. mellifera

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