Coastal Herbs was founded  as a way to provide information to the public about the use of herbal supplementation to improve overall mind and body health.  The use of herbs as a compliment to a healthy lifestyle is a practice that dates back generations and crosses continents.  Now, with the public’s renewed focus on healthy living, the need for knowledge about herbal supplementation is greater than ever before.  With our site we will provide that knowledge and information to the best of our ability while continuing to learn and gain new knowledge every day.

This site is an information portal dedicated to healthy living complimented by herbal supplementation.  This site will be further developed as time progresses to reflect  the needs and desires of our audience.

Our mission is to provide timely and accurate knowledge about the benefits of the use of herbal supplementation to improve overall mind and body health, as well as providing general information about herbs themselves.  We are committed to the research of all information posted to this website to assure the validity of the information.   We are committed to a healthy lifestyle and the promotion of diet and exercise to improve overall fitness.

Our product line includes ALL NATURAL and AFFORDABLE herbal blends to promote Weight Loss, Thyroid Support, cardiovascular health and improve Energy to mention a few. We can’t leave out our newest addition “Lip Bomb” lip balm or chapstick to some. From time to time we will also be providing free e-newsletters to those who sign up to alert you to the new products and to provide supplemental information.  We will also be providing special coupons and discounts by email on occasion.  We are always open for questions and welcome any questions or comments you may have for us.


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